Oldřich Janda


"I have proven many times in business that what seems impossible can become possible."

Field of expertise

  • banking services and corporate finance
  • financial management
  • process audit and risk management, operational credit management, outsourcing, business continuity, data protection

His WHY at GrowUps

"I have a lifelong passion for finance, business and investment topics. I know that honest work, a willingness to develop and a positive attitude leads to success. Through GrowUps, I want to use my experience to help capable businesses grow, making them more personally and financially successful as a result."

Key experience

Oldřich specializes in corporate finance, risk management and business consulting. Oldřich has been in finance for 20 years, including 10 years in various positions in the largest banking group in Central and Eastern Europe, including Head of Internal Audit for business processes and sales networks. For the last 6 years Oldřich has been running his own consulting firm www.ojc.cz., which provides services primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises, but also to larger players (PPF Group, Statutory City of Brno). Oldřich is also actively involved in the development of selected local non-profit organizations (A Centre Prague, ParaCENTRUM Fenix Brno, etc.). He studied in Brno and Cork, Ireland.

3 things that Oldřich enjoys besides business

  • playing guitar
  • singing, covers and his own songs
  • walking

How to contact Oldřich?